Asset Scan® is a mobile web app specifically design for Water Treatment Companies.

Designed by Water Treatment professionals Asset Scan covers every aspect of your service delivery, totally eliminating the need for paper-based systems and reporting.

Asset Scan is a comprehensive web-based business tool that will revolutionise the way you work. When you buy Asset Scan you:

  • Save time
  • Improve accuracy and record keeping
  • Improve the service to customers
  • Improve your statutory reporting
  • Save money

Sitting at the core of Asset Scan is a secure website hosted and managed on one of our cloud servers. The website is fully accessible out of the box and has everything you need to manage all your clients and their water / environmental compliance. On the website you can set-up all of your customers. Once added you are ready to access the full range of features offered by the Asset Scan application.

Through the website you are in control of your customers Asset Management. Assets are added via the website prior to a site visit. The Asset database is available to all your customers so you only have to add an Asset type once. Asset Scan can be purchased with standard water assets already added making the initial configuration even quicker and easier. If you chose this option each asset comes pre-configured with its monitoring tasks and risk assessment form, but don't worry the flexible software gives you complete control to set up your own assets, monitoring tasks and risk assessments.

Once you have configured your customers and assets you are ready to harness the power of Asset Scan. Using either the Android or iOS application on a smartphone or tablet you can carry out new customer audits, complete your monthly monitoring tasks and carry out risk assessments. You don't even have to have an internet connection to use our app. On the Asset Scan website just simply pick the customers you are going to visit, drag them into your schedule / calendar and they become available on the app. Complete all your tasks, add new assets, monitor them, carry out risk assessments, and save them on the app. When you have an internet connection the data is seamlessly uploaded back to your Asset Scan website.

In addition to the suite of tools Asset Scan allows you to give your customers access to their personal data and reports. From simple electronic log books to in-depth analysis and insights Asset Scan has a range of predefined reports that are available to all your clients.


Asset Scan has a website for managing customers, assets, monitoring tasks, risk assessments, file management, log books and customer reporting. The mobile app lets you carry out site audits, monitoring tasks, risk assessments and much more directly in the field without an internet or mobile phone connection.

All you need to benefit from power of Asset Scan is a computer with an Internet connection and any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

There are price plans available for every size and type of Water Treatment company. Asset Scan is ready to use as soon as you sign-up and best of all you don't need any technical skills to get started. We can even set it up for you for an additional cost.

Asset Scan isn't a piece of software. It is a tailored solution specifically for the Water Treatment industry that eliminates the need for paper records, saves time and money and fundamentally improves the service you deliver to your clients.

How can you afford NOT to buy it?