Asset Scan risk assessment conforms to BS8580

25 / 03 / 2013

The ACOP L8 regulations say that if you are an employer, or control premises or water systems in connection with work, then you need to carry out a legionnaires risk assessment of each of your water systems. Asset Scan supports the risk assessment of both simple and complex water systems, removing the need for paper-based processes and simplifying the creation of reports and feedback to clients.

Asset Scan's is fully  compliant with the British Standard and helps you:

  • Prepare a plan for preventing or controlling  risk
  • Implement and manage controls
  • Keep records of controls implemented
  • Assign a person to be managerially responsible

All of this is delivered in an effective web-based app on your mobile phone or tablet device. Call us now for a demo on how Asset Scan will revolutionise your approach to water asset management.

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