What is a mobile app?

05 / 03 / 2013

Asset Scan is a mobile app bringing countless benefits to water treatment professionals and their customers. Asset Scan has taken the process of auditing, monitoring and carrying out risk assessments of water assets and turned them into the most flexible digital solution available in today's market.

Imagine, no more paper, instant reporting to customers on out of specification assets, full audit trails, and work and PPM scheduling all available on a phone or tablet. This is what Asset Scan has been designed to do and it delivers all these features in style.

With Asset Scan you don't even need an Internet of mobile phone connection. All your work can be synchronised to your mobile device before you leave the office, allowing you to work seamlessly across your customer base. When you have an Internet connection the data you have collected is transferred back to your own Asset Scan website and is available to view, manage and report on.

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