Why Do I Need It?

Asset Scan is designed and developed by Water Treatment experts and Mobile Application development specialists.

Asset Scan has been in development for three years and in that time has been tested and quality assured by real life Water Treatment experts in the field with customers of all types and sizes.

Asset Scan is designed for the control and management of water asset testing in order to meet the legislative requirements for the prevention of Legionnaires' disease. Over and above that Asset Scan has a highly flexible interface and management website that lets you set-up your own bespoke version of Asset Scan so it precisely meets the needs of your business. No other commercially available solution is as flexible and powerful as Asset Scan so why look anywhere else?

Asset Scan is unlike any Water Treatment software solution. It is simple to administer, easy to use in the field, doesn't use outdated technology, web forms or paper! Asset Scan is a modern mobile application that is ready to use straight out of the box.

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